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I’m giving away 20 autographed copies of Guy Kawasaki’s book, Enchantment

Published: Apr 29, 2011 3:43 pm

Guy Kawasaki’s latest book, Enchantment, has had a profound impact on me. I want every entrepreneur to read this book. In fact, I believe in this book so much that I’ve spent just under $300 of my own money to purchase 20 copies for TSF readers. During my interview with Guy, I asked if he would be willing to send out autographed covers to the winners and he graciously accepted.

What the winners get:

An autographed copy of Guy’s latest book, Enchantment.

How to enter:

You can enter the contest in three different ways.
Option 1. Tweet our a link to this post by hitting the Tweet button by the title.
Option 2. “Like” The Startup Foundry on Facebook
Option 3. “Like” this article on Facebook.
Option 4. Leave a comment on this article.

If you do all four, you will quadruple your chances of winning.


I will select the winners a week from today (May 6) and ship the books out on Monday.

Be sure you checkout the interview Guy Kawasaki on startup metrics, mistakes, and enchantment too!

Readers: thank you for all of your support with TSF. I’ve really enjoyed our community. – Paul Hontz

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