Managing 400m users, Disqus shares 3 hacks for a better UX in lean startups

Chris Jennings (@ckj) from Disqus spoke at Superconf in Miami this past week, and I had a chance to chat with him after his presentation. In this video Chris shares how Disqus uses 3 hacks to ensure a clean UX for its 400m users.

Summary of the video:
1. Design with constraints – Restraints fuel our creativity – Example: Quroa 1.0 was written just in HTML. Restraint keeps you focused on what’s important.
2. Selectively deploy – Roll out – Example: When Disqus rolled out their new theme, Houdini, Disqus employees could interact with the theme on major sites without disrupting regular users.
3. Design for delight – This gives fans something to talk about, and it can help diffuse anger if something breaks.

Slides from his presentation are attached below.

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