When you say “passionate”, I think “show me”.

I’ve noticed a trend cluttering my inbox. I receive nearly the exact same email about 5 to 10 times a day from startups looking for coverage. They believe they should get coverage because “[I’m] really passionate about my startup”.

Oh really? Then show me what you’ve got.

Every single person I’ve talked to that was serious about their startup was “passionate”. Passion is an important ingredient, but it’s not a fully baked cake.

Furthermore I see people use their passion to create meaningless things. A startup isn’t a business plan or a slick Keynote presentation. Startups aren’t built on hubris or bravado. These are all fine tools to have but at the end of the day startups are built on customers.

If you claim to have an “amazing idea”, I expect you to already have 20 (paying) customers lined up.

Money talks more then a flashy PowerPoint filled with your guesses about the future.