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“Tomorrow” is an excuse today

Published: Feb 11, 2011 9:44 pm

“I’ll do that tomorrow” is the worst phrase an entrepreneur can say.

“Tomorrow” convinces you you’re making progress when you are sitting still. It makes you loose perspective. “Tomorrow” represents the future in the abstract. “Tomorrow” is a defense mechanism for your ego and pride that protects you from failure (but more importantly it keeps you away from potential success).

The person who says that they “want to get in shape” but are “going to start tomorrow” will never change. They will never reach their goals. If you’re serious about getting in shape go run a mile today. Want to learn how to program? Read a tutorial or two then start doing it today.

Do it for 3 weeks consecutively and you will have established a habit. It will be easier to keep doing it then to break it.

The same rules apply to startups. I’ve been asked “how do you start a business” and I always reply “It’s easy. It just takes hard work every day”. Be brave, be bold, go try something today. If you fail (believe me, you will fail eventually) learn from it. Don’t sweep it under the rug and don’t meditate on it day and night. Learn from it and let it go.

When I launched my first startup, I didn’t know anything. I learned by jumping in and doing it. It’s tough but you will learn and you’ll get better. Don’t wait for someone to hold your hand through the process. Do something first, then seek console. Get your hands dirty before you ask for soap. I always try to make time for friends who are serious (and can show it) about building a company, but I don’t waste time on people who refuse to take baby steps on their own.

“Tomorrow” is especially poisonous because it makes you feel better instantly. Don’t fall into this trap.

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