TSF is looking for guest authors to help out

I’m looking to roll out some new features (better submission process for startups, iterating on our theme, improving site load time, laying down a framework that will allow us to grow more easily in the future, etc…) on TSF and I’m looking for some help from the community. I would love to be able to just focus on code for a few days and publish some quality content from our readers.

All of our guest posts would include a 2-3 sentence intro of the author, along with a link to their URL of choice (startup, personal, etc).

How do I submit an article?

The best way to submit your article is to share it with me in a Google Doc (paul@thestartupfoundry.com). Please also state that the article is yours, and you give full permission for me to publish it on TSF.

Thanks for your support and I look forward to hearing from you!

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  • Emeka Okocha

    Hey Paul, how long are you thinking for an article ? Or its more about the message. 

    • Anonymous

      400 Words would be a solid place to start. If you can put together a quality article with less (or more), I’m all for it.


      • Emeka Okocha

        Article has been sent :)! Thnks again for the opportunity 

  • Sthill1384

    Nice!!! Hopefully this means I’ll be able to read something new everyday!!!  Is it too much to ask for multiple posts a day Paul (I can dream, it’s America)? I can’t seem to stay away.