TSF is looking for funded startups to cover. Will you tell me about yours?

I’m constantly looking to improve TSF. One piece of feedback I’ve received is to cover more startups. I’m taking this to heart and I’m going to make it happen. I would love to feature some TSF readers startups.

What I’m specifically looking for:

• Funded startups (I’m going to ask for bootstrapped startups in the next few weeks).
• A sentence description of what you do
• Your story (how you got started, how you met your cofounder, etc…)
• How are you measuring traction?
• Give me a hook to work from.

Bonus points if you “Make your Startup ridiculously easy to write about. Put Together a Great Press Pack”

To submit your startup, email me at tipbox@thestartupfoundry.com.

For more startup news, follow us on Twitter @startupfoundry or on Facebook.

  • Would startup like this work?  http://wikindu.com

  • thanks for sharing nice information

  • Anonymous

    Nice add…majority forgets about the press pack.

    I will definitely be sending in details about our bootstrapped startup when you ask for them.