Inside LaunchRock- A behind the scenes look with co-founder Jameson Detweiler

Seemingly overnight, LaunchRock became a “startup darling”. LaunchRock is now the de-facto platform for pre-launch startups to start building some traction. I had the privilege to catch up with Jameson Detweiler (a LaunchRock co-founder) at Funded By Night in Detroit and we decided to bring him on TSF so he could share their story.

In this interview you will learn how LaunchRock hustled to gain some serious traction in the early days at SXSW, where they are going, and a few ways startups can increase their odds of going viral.

If you prefer audio only, download Inside LaunchRock.mp3

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  • ViralVinny

    I’m a big fan of LaunchRock! Thanks Jameson for the tips too!

  • Anonymous

    Great interview!

    On a side note I’m really impressed with the quality of content on TSF. I’ve been reading since the beginning and it keeps getting better and better, keep up the good work!

  • the launchrock guys seem pretty cool.


  • Using LaunchRock and we’re really happy with it so far. See it live here:

  • Usually LaunchRock and we’re really happy with it so far. See it live here:

  • Nice post Paul, I’ve been hearing so much about LaunchRock lately and it’s awesome to hear the story from Jameson. I’m blown away with the content quality of TSF – keep the interviews coming!

    Are you attending TC Disrupt in NY?

  • SOB! I’m seriously bummed I missed a Detroit event. Paul are you from Detroit area?

  • Weedreamer

    Hi, great content, some constructive criticism, keep a better balance between questions and answers, as the interviewee spoke for literally 15 mins before the second question. All the best.