Co-founder of Disqus explains why they raised a $10 million round.

At 1pm today, Disqus announced that they had closed a $10 million round with North Bridge and Union Square Ventures. Last night I had the opportunity to sit down with Daniel Ha (co-founder of Disqus) to talk about the news. In this interview we cover why Disqus decided to raise additional funds and the future of the platform. I also ask Daniel if Facebook entering the commenting world had any influence on their decision to raise money. Don’t miss this interview.

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Details of the Disqus Deal:

Five hundred

With this latest financing, we will be expanding the team, our products, and on building our long-term business. In the last 12 months, Disqus grew at least 500% across all of our core metrics: traffic, users, and communities. In fact, just this past November we announced hitting 200 million uniques/month and we’re now already approaching 500M! We’ve taken our time to carefully build the foundations of our core platform, and it’s allowed us to handle — admittedly with plenty of challenges — the accelerating growth with a small team.

You can read the full press release on their blog.

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  • Neofliplay

    Woah! That news just came out. How did you get him so fast?

    • Anonymous

      I heard the news late last night and was able to get in touch with Daniel. He graciously agreed to do an interview so we recorded it last night.

  • Rpsmith

    Thanks for building a kick ass commenting platform Daniel. I LOVE disqus.

  • Anonymous

    Congrats, Disqus guys!

    Let me know when TechCrunch switches back to Disqus. I quit going there when they switched to Facebook comments (although I think their CrunchGear site still used Disqus.)

    I have no interest in using a site that feeds us the Facebook Comments garbage. May as well implement YouTube comments!

  • David Guaraglia

    I’m amazed as his ability to speak without moving his mouth (in the last couple minutes :P)

    • Anonymous

      It’s really incredible. You can thank Skype for that 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Love Disqus we use it on our site. Thx

    @startupfoundry great job on the videos but this one had audio issue. Could hear Daniel fine but your voice was very quite.

  • Anonymous

    Love Disquss use it on my site.

  • @Disqus:disqus is awesome for our startup blog. The only thing I wish I had an easier time with is erasing old posts. Also integration with Quora would be fantastic.

  • Anonymous

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  • I think the expereience of managing comments is done superbly by disqus.

  • wow, congrats!

  • william james

    WOW that’s great!!

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