The thinking behind Mint’s original marketing plan with Noah Kagan

Noah Kagan created the original marketing plan for Mint in 2007 (which you can see here). I posted the document on TSF and the response was overwhelming. Numerous readers called the document “pure gold” for startups looking to improve their marketing efforts.

I decided to ask Noah to come on the show so he could explain the “why” behind the document. I wanted to get inside his head so startups could learn from him. Enjoy the half hour interview.

Noah has since moved on from Mint to AppSumo. AppSumo has been a great sponsor for TSF and they’re good at what they do (Deals for geeks). Check them out.

Be sure you take a look at Mint’s Original Marketing Plan (circa 2007) in another tab so you can follow along!

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  • Neofliplay

    Cool. I’m bookmarking this for later. Would you consider offering an MP3 of the interview?

  • Travis

    It’s funny because in his marketing plan Noah states: “My feeling is that there are a lot of techies looking for deals, ways to save money and scour theweb for it. ” Early Appsumo concept there…

  • The plan has a lot of ideas that many startups can learn from. I’m a huge fan of Noah and I think he outlines countless product launch strategies and approaches that apply to companies regardless of industry. Thanks for the interview Paul! Keep them coming.

  • Classic quote of the interview: “Most people are pussies or lazy.”

    So true.

  •  Awesome work, Paul. Great interview and glad you left it largely unedited. 🙂

  • Mark V

    Love this blog. Just found out about it.

  • Noah

    Noah’s a douche bag.

  • SchmidtK

    The original marketing plan is not opening, can u please help me on this??

  • AllanMarston

    Paul this was an awesome interview. Very helpful as our startup is at the stage of development and I am in charge of marketing.

  • it was great plan and we already on way thanks for share with us.