Hiring people isn’t easy. Recruiterbox is trying to take away the pain.

Hiring people isn’t an easy process. It’s even harder for startups.

Hiring people takes a lot of time. When you’re focused on building your business, time is your most precious resource. This is particularly painful when other employees must take time out of their normal responsibilities to assist in the inefficient hiring efforts. Opening each emailed application, downloading the attached resume, and screening it can be tedious for a group of people to collaborate on. Often we end up with clogged inboxes, messy spreadsheets, and information lost beneath a pile of email.

Recruiterbox is trying to alleviate some of that pain by helping you manage your hiring processes. Other employees are still involved, but it’s much more efficient. It helps you gather, review, and discuss all job applications in one place. All hiring related email, attachments, and evaluations are handled in the same place. It’s a pretty simple design that is really focused on helping you get the job done, so you can get back to your work.

I had a chance to chat with Girish Redekar of Recruiterbox and he said:

“Recruiterbox has been in existence for only a few months, and already has a small but happy customer base. The startup was incubated in the i-Accelerator program at IIM Ahmedabad (India)”

Check it out at Recruiterbox.com.

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  • I remember this technology first coming out pre-2000 bust. Then the issue was that HR was poorly funded and the cost of point systems didn’t require HR staff to find more efficient technologies. Of course the price point back then was 200K. This is a similar solution at a fraction of the price.

    I can’t see it but managing rejection seems to be missing but everything else is there.

    • I’m Girish, one of the creators of recruiterbox.

      Good point regarding the price-point being 200K back in 2000. Not only are we talking of a different price point, but also a different audience. Small businesses rarely have dedicated HR personnel, but instead depend on employees to take time out of their work to assist hiring. Consequently, they need simple tools that get the job done and get out of their way (rather than feature-rich, heavy, cumbersome software that require learning). This section, we feel, is particularly untouched (or ill-served) by existing products and we hope to serve that.

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