Look for Simple Answers

Rory Sutherland gives his insight on why simple answers are better then complicated ones.

The premise of this video is not to get caught up thinking you have to spend money just because you have it. I see funded startups struggle with this quite frequently. Invest 10 minutes into this video, you won’t regret it.

  • Ben

    I really liked this video, however his solution to the problem that he described is most likely not in the form of a “Chief Detail Officer” because there is a sort of inherent mistrust with someone who could so narcissistically think that they could fulfill such an intensely vague/cumbersome job. I think that the bottom right corner should be as organically described as it is so organically thought of; so the question mark is actually perfect because it is the old adage of being “Smart enough to be lucky” doesn’t require a lot of money; but it does require that those in power are smart (however that term can be defined within the context of their own industry).

    • Anonymous

      Ben, great insight. I think we both agree with him conceptually, but you’re argument is the noun he used was wrong. Is this correct?

      • Ben

        I dont think that I have a problem with the noun he used or anything like that, I just think that his solution will not solve the problem that he is exposing (which is a legitimate problem). But my guess is that this problem is more an effect of lazy/misguided groupthink among the company directors rather than a position within the company to fulfill that “?”! Just as in people don’t believe that a consultant outside of the company can fix all of the problem within a company, I think that in practice this proposed position would be an empty suit without any real power (much akin to a consultant).

        But I really like what you are doing here, keep it up!!