It’s “GitHub” meets “Shopify”: Binpress sells your source code

Binpress is a marketplace for source-code where software developers can buy and sell code from each other. Binpress launched 2 months ago.

Their Story:
For the past four years the founders of Binpress, Adam Benayoun and Eran Galperin, were helping to build startups. After going through this process several times they realized there was certain things that would have to be developed over and over again. For instance, they would have to create a login system instead of working on the core app.

How it works:.
The seller on Binpress is a developer crafts an awesome piece of code that could be reused or incorporated into other projects. The buyer is another developer that is looking to get a head start on a project. It could be anything from a login script to an image manager.

The biggest challenge facing Binpress is the lack of code available for purchase on the site. It’s a chicken-and-egg problem. Developers would love to sell their code on Binpress, but they are going to go where the customers are (and vise versa). This is a pretty common problem for startups that have a user generated marketplace. To try and combat this problem, Binpress is running a $40,000 developer contest. I’m very curious to see what sort of influence this will have on the community.

Currently Binpress is bootstrapped, but it will be looking to raise funds after internal milestones are hit.

Biggest Competitor:
When asked about their biggest competitor, Eran Galperin(Binpress’s CTO) mentioned Code Canyon. Code Canyon provides a similar service as Binpress, and it has been around longer. I asked Eran what made Binpress different and he replied:

That it was hard to gauge the quality of code [on Code Canyon], as well as find more heavy duty functionality (those seemed more focus on snippets and widgets). For this reason we put a lot of stock in finding and recruiting professional developers and curating all the code published on the site.

Wrap up:
Binpress has a lot of potential. I hope they are able to attract some top notch developers, it will be impossible for them to succeed without the communities involvement. Their $40,000 challenge tells me they understand this too, and they are going to do everything they can to build the best place to buy code.

You can visit their website at

At a glance stats:
Company: Binpress
Founders: Eran Galperin & Adam Benayoun
Founded: 2010
Sentence description: “Binpress is a marketplace for source-code for developers.”

  • Rich

    I’m an independent developer and even I think this is a super lame idea.

    • Agreed.

    • John Allen

      Why not add why you think it’s lame?

      • Because he’s a troll. He also left a comment on our blog saying he thinks we’re evil and greedy for selling source-code. I guess making a business out of software development is something new.

  • Rak

    I signed up for it, pretty cool, but not sure about how the licensing works for selling code that has dependency with a 3rd party free license code, for example can I bundle my code with Jquery library and sell the whole package?

    • Our license generator allows you to specify other licenses included in the work, as long as those allow you to integrate them as a part of a larger work. jQuery for example, using the MIT license, allows you to package it as a part of a larger work. If you have any other legal / licensing questions, you are welcome to forward it to

      We’ll add this to the FAQ, thanks for asking!

  • Jason

    I doubt Github would be happy with the comparison. The concept behind Binpress is diametrically opposed to Github’s open source, “social coding” philosophy. Comparing Binpress to Github is like comparing Experts Exchange to StackOverflow.

    • Actually, Github is one of our sponsors in our programming contest. The comparison might not be completely accurate, but we have a lot in common and collaborations are natural

    • Maybe you have never noticed that you can pay for private repositories on Github. There is a lot of proprietary, non-open source code on the site.

      • Anonymous

        Sam that’s very true. Thanks for clearing that up for our readers.

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