Marketing Reddit: Have an Awesome Product and Tie it to a Fantastic Brand

Alexis Ohanian, a co-founder of Reddit, sat down with me to talk about how Reddit handled it’s marketing when it was still a startup. Alexis also give several marketing tips for entrepreneurs who are just getting started.

[Editors Note: This is part 2 of my interview with Alexis. To watch the first part, checkout The first 6 months of Reddit (YC 05): “Entrepreneurship is a bipolar existence”]

7 takeaways from the video

1. The Reddit alien came from a doodle in marketing class. Always be looking for inspiration.

2. If you have a great product and great service, tie it to an awesome brand. This will help you become memorable.

3. When people tattoo your logo on themselves, you’re doing something right

4. Great branding can’t save something that’s not good enough, so making sure you’re product rocks is the first priority.

5. Decent branding without a lot of cash: If you don’t have a network of designers, checkout a site like 99designs (but “shake the friend tree” for artists before you go this route).

6. You can’t succeed if you don’t actually start. Don’t be afraid to fail.

7. If something fails, no one will know about it because no one used it. Stopped letting fear paralyze you and built cool stuff.

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