How To Do B2B Email Sales

Direct sales via email is a powerful channel to sell your product or service. Before I learned how to sell via email from Noah Kagan I had no idea how powerful the email sales channel was (I know I was a rookie). If you have proven the need and value of your product, direct email sales may be the best channel for your solution. If you can close via email you have a scalable sales process and can drive demand for your product. Here are 5 email sales tips that will help you close more deals via email:

1. Make it about the prospect.

Humans by nature are selfish and self-centered. We only care about ourselves. To be a top level sales dude you need to focus on the customer. Every email, phone call, and skype session needs to focus on the prospect’s needs and how you can help them. When writing emails avoid saying “I” or “we” and instead say “you”. Focus on helping your customers and building relationships with them. Show them you truly care and the sales will flow.

2) Keep it short (and easy to read).

Hey The Startup Foundry Reader,

You are awesome!

Please keep your emails to 5 sentences or less.

It also helps to space out each sentence.

Does this make sense?


You need to keep emails short and to the point out of respect for the recipient. Be clear about how you can help them, who you are, and what you are offering. Also remember emails today are read on all types of devices so spacing out each sentence improves readability. Your recipient may only scan your email so keeping it short and spaced out increases the probability that your message will actually be read.

3. Use Canned Responses.

Gmail’s Canned Responses is an unbelievable tool. It allows you to setup templates and fire off proven tested emails quickly. Here is an email sales video I created that talks about Canned Responses and other email sales topics.

4. It is all about the headline/subject.

Here are a few email headline tips:

  • Use the customers name in the headline
  • Use words like Exclusive, Free, or Time-Sensitive
  • Complement the customer in the headline
  • Capitalize most of the words
  • Make it about them not you!

5. Use Call-to-Actions.

Tell the person you are emailing what you want and by when. For example say “If you are interested please email me by November 29th”. Don’t be a wimp. Ask for the sale. You will never get what you want if you do not ask for it.

Selling via email is the perfect way to get your first few customers. If you learn to type fast and leverage Canned Responses you can fire off hundreds of personally tailored emails everyday. Don’t be scared to hit people via other channels like LinkedIn, Skype or Twitter as well. Make sure to test and track all your email sales activities so you can constantly improve your skills.

Email sales is a massive topic and I am still learning. Please comment below and share your tips with other email sellers.

This is a guest post written by Matt A. Smith (@MattASmitty co-founder of

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  • Mr Business.

    Great article. This couldn’t be more true. “You need to keep emails short and to the point out of respect for the recipient. Be clear about how you can help them, who you are, and what you are offering.”

    I hate when I receive super long emails. 

    • ankasarentcar


  • Collinslash89

    This was helpful, thanks!

  • Be careful with putting the word “free” anywhere near e-mails. It’s a very common indicator of spam and might tip the spam score of your mail over the edge unless you’re whitelisted. I’ve run tests with this and had a 20% lower open rate when including the word “free” versus without.

  • Mattsmith55

    Hey Peter,

    You are right! Be VERY careful using the word “Free” in the subject. I have seen that Google sometimes views “Free” in the title as spam. Using “Free” is good but only after you have established a dialogue with the prospect.

  • If you use GMail, you can use brandmymail (, it is focused for small companies and you can send branded emails with you company logo and social updates

  • Bulk Email Server

    We have a few clients that are doing well with B2B direct mails. Other have affiliate based partnerships with job listing companies. your first step.

  • canned response sounds spammy.

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    dramatic cape in ourworld darline

  • I agree with Peter et al regarding the word ‘free’. Personally I don’t think it should be used anywhere in an email unless it’s in full context (ie. ‘This service is free, contact us for a free quote’) rather than as a leverage tool to encourage responses.  Similarly, ‘exclusive’, ‘time sensitive’ and other such phrases also tend to read as spammy unless inserted into body text that otherwise reads as genuine, targeted, researched and professional.

    Likewise, I don’t agree with putting a time limit on to encourage responses. If I received an email with such content, I’d either dismiss it immediately as spam, think ‘oh I’ll do it later’ and miss said deadline or think ‘If they’re putting a time limit on my response when I’m already incredibly busy, they must be desperate/pushy/both.’

    My third issue would be complimenting your prospect in the subject line. For starters, how would you even include it without it sounding like you’re brown nosing or adding it for the pure intention to trying to attract their attention? I do, however, think it can be beneficial to include something positive about their company/products/services in the body of the email – just a light hearted, one line comment that shows that you’ve paid enough attention to their company to know something about the products they sell, and that you approve of what they are selling.

    As for the capitalisation, this really needs to follow basic English rules. Capitalising the first letter each word in a title is fine, as is capitalising the important ones. However, if it ends up looking as though you’re again doing it just to attract attention, it’s immediately offputting and unprofessional looking.

    Easy to read, not too self absorbed and including some kind of call to action/contact details are of course essential, though.

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  • TK

    Be sure to check out ToutApp ( It is canned responses on steroids and even gives you view/click tracking on your emails.

  • Benny Bridger

    Excellent post, and frankly there isn’t enough good information on Sales Emails. It’ll be interesting to see “Email 2.0” evolve into X, and I can bet that we’ll see more creative approaches and outlandish experiments in the next few years.


  • Fred D

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