Location with brains: LocalMind

LocalMind isn’t just another local check-in app. LocalMind is going to change the way you discover information around you. Trying to figure out if there is a long wait at a restaurant? Use LocalMind. Want to know what beer is on tap at a pub? Use LocalMind. If LocalMind can gain mass market appeal, it will be an app I use at least once a day.

I sat down with a co-founder of LocalMind, Lenny Rachitsky for a quick 20 minute interview. We talk about what LocalMind is, why they aren’t just another location based checkin-service, and how they hustled an interview with Robert Scoble at SXSW.

Lenny’s blog post that he mentioned. Be sure to checkout LocalMind.

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  • Joel furgla

    Interesting interview. Good luck LocalMind team!

  • Sthill1384

    Still wondering if your ever going to put up dialogue of the interviews for reading… not one to sit down and spend time watching long video interviews.  Would much rather read at my own pace.  Makes it easier to see and read the points rather than waiting for them to appear in the Q n A.  All good stuff Paul keep it up. 

  • What an awesome piece on you guys!  Congrats Lenny and the LocalMind team.. great exposure for Year One Labs as well.  Looking forward to meeting you at Startup Festival in Montreal!