How Jared Tame bootstrapped his startup by writing “Startups Open Sourced”

As Jared Tame was finishing up school, he decided to build a startup. He didn’t want to raise money (at least in the early stages) so he did what any “Grade-A” hustler would have done. Jared wrote a fantastic book on popular startups, Startups Open Sourced, and invested the profits into his idea.

In this interview Jared talks about where inspiration came from, measuring advertising efforts, and why Twitter isn’t an effective medium for advertising. This interview is worth investing 15 minutes into.

Final Thoughts:

Jared’s story reminds me of a previous post, You’re not entitled to anything. Hustle for everything you’re worth. Jared perfectly embodies this attitude.

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  • ViralVinny

    Cool idea Jared. Good job hustling!

  • ReWrite24

    I picked up this book a little while back and really enjoyed it. Thank you for putting it together Jared.

  • Chris

    can we get a transcript for interviews like this? would rather read than watch a video.

    • Sthill1384

       @c1356b35e776c8c4361e5fe3d9d4bc7a:disqus , agreed… I prefer to read Q&A. 

  •  I will be buying this book for sure, interviews are really great to learn from! Good job Jared! 

  • Anonymous

    Bought this on my Kindle…awesome read. So much insight. I hope Jared does another version.

  • Jonathan Taufer

    Totally worth the watch. Was reading his site at the same time.