Matt Tanase (a founder of Slicehost) on Rackspace’s decision to kill Slicehost

Earlier this week Rackspace announced that they were discontinuing the Slicehost brand, and existing customers would have to migrate over to their new platform. Many customers were frustrated by this announcement and didn’t understand why they had to change. I had the opportunity to catch up with Matt Tanase, a co-founder of Slicehost, to talk about his thoughts on the announcement.

In this interview Matt gives us a brief history of Slicehost, his thoughts on how Slicehost and Rackspace could have avoided this problem, and what it felt like to hear the news. Towards the end of the interview we also cover Matt’s latest project, Devstructure. You don’t want to miss this interview.

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  • Rpsmith

    Slicehost was awesome back in the day. Thanks for building that Matt. Sorry to hear it’s being shut down.

  • ReWrite24

    Sad to hear they are shutting down πŸ™

  • Hey Paul – should bump up the volume on your end of the recording next time, just FYI.

    • Anonymous

      I caught this as I was reviewing the video :(. Already fixed on my mic. Thanks for the heads up Nick!

  • Devstructure seems like an exciting concept.

  • Jared

    Slicehost was awesome when it started out. These guys were the only ones who wrote complete guides on how to build your own Linux server from scratch. Nobody else went as far as to do that, which is why I was an early paying customer. Appreciate your insight Matt.

    • Thanks Jared – Paul Tomes (pickledonion) was the man who wrote all the guides, he was awesome!

  • Anonymoose Coward

    The mixing is pretty bad. Matt is WAY louder

    • Anonymous

      Will be fixed on the next one Anonymoose Coward πŸ˜‰

      • Anonymoose Coward

        Excellent! Thanks for the quick response πŸ™‚

  • Creeped

    Interesting insights from matt. But what’s with the interviewer? His expressions range from:

    1) Trying to hold back a fart,
    2) Witnessing an alien abduction, and
    3) On the verge of quiet sobbing

    Come on man, Get someone with some blood flowing in there!

    • Anonymous

      Haha, since TSF is my baby you’re stuck with me for an interviewer. I’ll work on the “quiet sobbing” expression πŸ˜‰

  • Nice interview. Interesting to hear about the problems in organisational culture founders can find themselves in after acquisition.

  • It’s sad to see Slicehost die, so sad!

  • asdf

  • I’m sorry to see the Slicehost brand retired. I was a brief customer at one point, ended up going back to shared hosting for a while. Now I’m using RimuHosting, which seems like another great company and hopefully won’t be bought out by a behemoth any time soon! I just watched 37signals’ interview with the Slicehost founders, very interesting.