Make your Startup ridiculously easy to write about. Put Together a Great Press Pack

I’ve looked at close to 500 startups in the last month and a half that were looking for coverage and I thought I’d share some insight on what separated the good startup pitches from the great ones. I boiled it down to 5 things with the overarching theme being “Make yourself ridiculously easy to write about”.

5 things you need to have in a press pack

1. One sentence description of your startup. Place this at the beginning of the email. This gives context for the rest of your pitch.

2. A Story. It’s all about crafting a narrative. Stories are easy to remember and can help make the main points of your pitch stick. Just be sure you respect the readers time and don’t be too verbose.

3. Logo with background as a transparent PNG. Because you goal is to make it as easy as possible to write about your startup, it’s very important you include your logo with a transparent background so news sites can quickly make your logo fit in with their own branding.

4. Video. If you have a 2 minute video showing off how to use your product, be sure to include it (and make sure they can embed it in their post if they choose to write about you).

5. Numbers – When a startup leaves out numbers I assume it’s because the numbers suck and you’re trying to sound bigger then what you really are. If you’ve just started out and the only people using it are your friends and family, tell us. There is no shame in that. People love rooting for the underdog.

What has worked for you?

If you have any more advice for putting together an awesome “Press Pack”, please share them in the comments!

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  • For sure, definitely need to work on a video for, would really help πŸ™‚

  • Stilles17

    Great article! Keep advice like this coming.

  • Links with references to others that love your company

    • Anonymous

      “Social Proof”- Good idea.

  • Could you point out your favorite press pack? Or give us a good example?

  • Tabris Chen

    Great article!

  • That was a great post. Simple and winning.
    I’ve made the press pack for our startup Challengein “The first board game of the location-based era”. You can find it there Can you give me feedback?

  • Thanks for the great advice. We just added a press pack ( to our About us Page

  • I run a startup news website. I review press-releases and pitches every day. The basics in this post are solid, but the two most important things in a pitch are
    2)currency (that is a media term for “the story is relevant and current for right now, it has currency”)
    Here is my guide to getting a write-up about your startups

  • In response to this, we launched PearWords at: — if any startup founders are interested! πŸ™‚

  • Great Article! I run a topic-based social networking service, and prepare a press pack now. I think it will really helpful to our stuff πŸ™‚ Thank you again! Oh, visit my new startup and give your precious feedback too!

  • Hey, this is great advice. Thanks for this post.

  • I can’t tell you how great these tips are! To the point and straightforward! Thanks.

  • Seth

    As a budding commercial photographer, my next question is, “Who gets this Press Pack once it’s complete?” I want to make certain it gets in the RIGHT hands.

  • Howard

    Posts like this make TSF awesome

  • BurwellGeneralStore

    This is great advice! Thanks for sharing from the other side of the desk. I don’t have a startup, but this info translates seamlessly to growing my blog.

  • Great article! Thanks for sharing.

    For those that are looking, happy to help produce a 2-minute documentary to supplement your press pack:

  • You’ve inspired me.Β  This is at the top of my DoNow list.Β  Thanks!

  • Great info TSF, Will be using this to write mine later today about my Startup and email it in πŸ™‚

  • Man, I found this at the right time. Thanks for posting!

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