How DuckDuckGo is fighting an 800 lb gorilla (Video interview with Founder)

It’s no secret that Google dominates search, but they are certainly not invincible. Google is commonly criticized for privacy concerns. Eric Schmidt (Google’s former CEO) recently said that Google’s goal was “to get right up to the creepy line and not cross it”. This sort of thinking certainly doesn’t inspire confidence.

Gabriel Weinberg’s company DuckDuckGo is attempting to exploit this chink in Google’s armor and really focus on users that would prefer not to share personal information about themselves with 3rd party advertisers.

In this interview Gabriel Weinberg talks about why users should care about their privacy when dealing with search engines, a way to improve search, and some financial details about DuckDuckGo.

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  • duckduckgo is bliss. try it!

  • Myuselesslogin

    YES ! I don’t want google to know my medical searches… Neither porn !

  • Gabriel is an amazing Guy, always ready to help and I love using Duckduckgo, but I don’t think he’s really seing google as competitor. Wish you and Duckduckgo the best Gabriel

  • MachineCharmer

    DuckDuckGo is my default search engine, since a month or so. Love it!

  • Why should I trust you ? You say DDG is not tracking and that’s it ?
    Is DDG free software so I can see what the machines are doing with my queries ?

    There are free software alternatives out there, like Seeks or Yacy. Why would I move from one closed-source engine to another based on the good will of an entrepreneur is unclear to me.

  • Anonymous

    I’m now starting to try duckduckgo! The results are way different from Google…
    @Paul: Which mic are you using? There’s still some background noise in your interview… :S

  • John

    You cant have the awesomeness of google without being prepared to give up something.