What to expect from The Startup Foundry:

We will be posting 4-5 articles a day. At least one of those will be focused on a startup that hasn’t made it big yet, but we believe will soon. We love startups and want to see them succeed. This is a place where startup founders and investors can call home.

What we expect from our community: The Startup Foundry is a place where iron sharpens iron. We encourage you to jump into the comments and share your insight with the collective whole. Constructive criticism is appreciated, but trolling will get you banned. Treat others the way you would like to be treated.

The Weekly is our newsletter. Top 5 articles from the week delivered right to your mailbox. Sign up for it. You can unsubscribe with one click if you don’t want it.

The tech platforms that we are using on The Startup Foundry:

T.S.F. uses WordPress for our blogging platform.

We are a member of the InfluAds network. The quality of advertisers here is incredible. You will only see one (relevant) ad on the sidebar because of this great partner.

We use Disqus for our commenting engine. Login using your Facebook, Twitter

MediaTemple has graciously offered to host our site on their (dv) platform. Setup was a snap, and I’m seeing lower pings then on my development server that sits 5 feet away from me. Incredible.

You can follow us on twitter @startupfoundry .

Please feel free to introduce yourself to me in the comments. I look forward to building The Startup Foundry into the premiere place for startups. All the best.

Paul Hontz

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for reading. Feel free to introduce yourself in the comments.

    • Rak

      How do I tip you with a story? Is there a email?

      • Anonymous

        For right now email me at paul@codesketch.com. In the very near future I will setup a form for tips. Thanks for your interest!

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  • Anonymous

    Good stuff!

    P.S You might consider setting the proper MIME type on your “RSS Feed” link.

    • Anonymous

      Good catch. I’ll get that sorted out. Thanks!

  • Congrats Paul! Its looking (and reading) great sir!

  • Drew

    When subscribing to your newsletter, the “return to our site” button returns to your twitter instead of this site.

  • Congratulations Paul! Looking forward to reading about startups that are hidden gem

  • Congratulations Paul! Looking forward to reading about startups that are hidden gem

  • Congrats! I’ve subscribed to the RSS feed & followed on twitter. I hope you can bring some interesting startup stories & authentic blogging back to the internetz!

    Good luck!

  • Looking forward to reading the articles.

  • Hi Paul, this is Agnes from CoderCharts. I am very excited about the coming of Startup Foundry. Hopefully my website would get into the list and get introduced to the world. Thank you for the great work.

  • Good Luck, Paul! Looking forward to reading your articles!

  • Looking forward to this.

  • Congrats! Looking forward to my new daily stop for startup news.

  • Since I’m just starting to work towards getting my first new venture off the ground, I’m looking forward to a new startup site that I can get involved with from the beginning. I hope a good community of entrepreneurs forms here at The Startup Foundry.

  • Hello! Greetings from Nigeria :). Good luck in your goal.

  • great start Paul. I must say your response was inspiring. Its looking Clean and neat and thanks for the less ads 🙂 Godspeed

  • Looks great—specially the minimalistic design and neat typography. Looking forward to interesting posts.

    You might want to correct “lower pings then/than on my development”.

  • kschua (HN)

    Great job Paul. Looking forward to your articles

  • Sounds very exciting. Looking forward to this Paul

  • Looking forward to watching this publication grow.

  • Anonymous

    I got nothing against startups having a piggy ride on some platform, still everything depends on it some control is given away kinda lazy eh. I could be wrong about the angle thinking about it , Do you have some backup.

  • just saw this – Powered by blood, sweat, and tears of entrepreneurs.. thats a nice catch phrase

  • Hi Paul, I run an blog on entrepreneurship, and I came across your blog. I wish you the best of luck! Check out http://blog.blainelight.com for stories from the creators of the BlackBerry to “How to get Hired at a Start Up” by the lead sales recruiter at WePay.