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  • Great suggestion: http://sucuri.net ūüôā And I am not even biased towards it.

  • i don’t want to leave a name

    Tip Box sounds like you are asking for money on that tab. Consider something like “Show Ideas”.

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  • Paul, At MIT Sloan we are doing a research on Startup Pricing (on how startups price their product/services) – http://entrepreneurship.mit.edu/blog/mitmadsmitedu/startup-pricing-study-mit-sloan.

    This study will produce useful results for startups. Can you spread the word on this.


  • Robert Hargrove

    I enjoyed the show s with Sanjay and Tim. You come off like a good person (ego out of the way), genuinely admiring your guests and their accomplishments. Interviews are natural unforced. There is good added value “stuff” I havent heard before. Good luck to you. Robert Hargrove

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  • Derek

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  • Please can you let me know your costs for sponsoring your site and putting an advert on your “sponsored by” section.


  • Sthill1384

    How about some Adword help… perhaps an interview with someone who has done well in that field.¬† Tips, tricks, some yeses and nos to successfully running a campaign.

  • Anon

    Dear Paul,
    The content on your site is awesome!
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    Keep up the great work man.

  • Vlad

    Hi Paul, Just wanted to say thank you for startup foundry. I wish you truly  become better TC. 

    Your fan, Vlad

  • Dave Ward

    Hey Paul,

    Still loving your site. You have great content, and a clean design. Most recently I have enjoyed picking up threads that you keep tying together. Things like “overnight success” usually takes years, or the “unglamorous” work that is required to get startups moving. All hard work brings a profit… it just takes time… and, er, hard work. Keep up the hard work it’s paying off for you and others.¬†

  • Hey Paul, these guys have a GREAT story and may be worth checking out: ¬†http://kck.st/nQFfRw ¬† I have a colleague that worked with them on this project. ¬†Hit me up on twitter for a virtual handshake.¬†

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    I love this theme your using for this site. Can you please let me know what wordpress theme you are using. I’d like to use it for a new blog I’m putting together for a resourcing network. Thanks.¬†


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  • Paul,¬†

    Funny how things go in circles. Over a year ago I came across your site and got my hands on your mint marketing plan, what great help that was. I continue to use that as a guideline for my startup http://www.Tickpick.com. If you have a minute I hope you can take a look at our innovative ticket marketplace, I am confident that our technology will help  take meaningful marketshare from stubhub and the likes in the coming year

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  • Vi

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  • Reader

    What happened? I haven’t seen a new post is a while?¬† I hope everything is OK.

  • Melissa

    Check out http://www.wisewords.ca — short success video interviews on tech CEOs as inspiration to entrepreneurs. ¬†Ryan Holmes from Hootsuite featured today.

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